On the page

Anyone who has been able to escape the imprisonment of thoughts, depressing, embittering, harmful, or resentful will understand the essence of this poem. To think too much on past hurts or regrets, is unhealthy. I do not advocate repression of hurts, some wounds must be exposed to be healed, especially to Christ the healer of all. But sometimes we have to go through a season of placing a cone on our head, so we don’t lick and reopen wounds, causing them to fester!

Further what I am trying to say in this poem is, even too much dwelling on past glories, can hadicap the plans and triumph of our future. This especially must be remembered as Christians. Many of the lives in scripture could have rested on their laurels so to speak, and many of them did. But it was always to their detriment. Lives in Christ move ever forward, or backward. There is very little standing still; even as we rest in Christ, it is meant to be for our growth!

On every page was written,

Joy and pain and life.

In memories dwelt on, or hidden,

A choice for happiness or strife.

The book read in our thoughts,

Of our past, and all reflected.

Bitter memories release when caught.

Hold fast glad moments when selected!

And be advised, not too much,

Dwell on things now all past.

Learn from, gain from, grow and such;

Hold them loosely in your grasp.

For your story, on must go;

Though you might not know to where.

Looking back it is hard to know,

Future plans for you out there.


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