The end of me

This is a poem I wrote one evening when I was struck once again by the human desire to matter; to last beyond ourselves and our existence. I think it is a blessed driving force in us, that leads us to our Creator; to the feet of our Holy eternal God. Any attempt to impact eternity in and of ourselves is destined to fail. But if we allow ourselves to be written into the eternal script penned by the author of all, the significance of our stories become exponential. Ironically, but beautifully, because it is really not about us, but about him!

I’ve come to the end of me.
The journey was brief and dull.

There wasn’t much to see,
Nothing worth worship at all.

Yes, me in myself is a yawn,
Hardly worth even a glance,

Christ reflected by me is as dawn,
Beauty so great to entrance.

The most in myself I can capture,
Interest of three, maybe four.

But Gods words in my mouth enrapture!
And the heavens demand an encore!img_0373


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