All the time

I don’t pretend to understand the deepest pains that others have, and may even now be experiencing. I know only that I have seen true, inspiring, beautiful faith and reliance upon Christ, displayed in the deepest of sorrow. I have seen and heard of strength beyond measure gifted by the Holy Spirit, to the most broken of souls. Mostly I know God is good all the time, even when we don’t feel it.

God is good all the time,
All the time God is good.
With joy we say this phrase
When things go as they should.

With a joyous shout
We repeat this true refrain.
But do we so say it,
In the midst of our pain?

Is God still good all the time,
When waiting in a line
That seems to take forever,
And your running short on time?

All the time is God good,
If your children or your spouse
Pester you the live long day,
Destroy the once clean house?

Or how about in the pain
That pierces to our core,
As tears stream down cheeks unchecked
And the wounds are raw and sore?

Yes, he is good he doesn’t change,
Does not alter like we do.
Whether life is great and easy,
Or beats relentlessly at you.

We speak these words aloud:
‘All the time God is good!’
In the happy ease of day
As rightly we all should.

But deeply is it uttered,
And truth we hold and find,
When wracked with sobs we whimper:
‘God is good all the time’.


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