My cold

I’m a big baby when it comes to being sick, and of course a big poem nerd. I wrote this in the midst of my suffering. My kids think it’s funny.

My throat is raw,

Sore in fact.

Upon my word

How quick you act!


Hello again

To drippy nose;

It’s you again,

The common cold.


My eyes are teary,

My head it aches,

I’m worn and weary

For goodness sake!


Stuffed up my nose

Is wadded tissue,

To plug the leak

Which  fluid issues.


Yesterday’s me

I now quite loath!

So sickness free,

Without a cold.


My husband laughs

Knowing not my woe!

Its been twelve hours

Of this endless cold!!!


So call me week,

Or even a baby.

Some will agree,

I say maybe.


I may have mocked

If truth be told,

But that’s before

I faced this cold!!





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