A poem of commitment.

This poem was hard to write. It’s hard to truly commit to saying ‘God send me’ with absolutely no idea of where he may send you. Yes, we know it turns out right, well not just right, it’s actually awesome and glorious in the end for those who serve Christ, even if it means death on this earth. But what if it’s not death, what if it’s poverty? I mean real, reliance on God to provide, watching your kids ‘go without’, poverty. Or paralysis? Or terminal, debilitating illness? What if it means watching someone who you pour your soul out to minister too, trample upon the God, and love you offer to them? What if it means looking foolish? Standing up and getting that look from everyone around you that screams you’re an idiot, and feeling like they are right. Or breaking down uncontrollably and crying in front of your church, or strangers!! What if it means being called to share the deepest darkest, ugly of your testimony, to someone who may throw it in your face? And what if I screw this up? what if I go where God did not lead? what if I get it wrong!?! There are a lot of ‘what ifs’ here, and chances are I will experience a few of them, and more I haven’t even  thought of. And yet, my poem, stands. An humble offering to God. For the ‘what ifs’ while scary and not at all easy, are but temporary possibilities. His greatness, grace, and reward are surpassing, incomparable, eternal and certain.

Here I am send me,
I’m ready when you call!
Though the waters deep,
And I cannot swim at all.

I am not prepared
For all that lay ahead;
Still willingly I go,
I know by whom I’m led.

You call not the qualified,
But, qualify whom you call.
Part the seas before them.
Trumpets crumble walls!

A boy before a giant,
A furnace to consume,
Old man in a lions den,
The Son sealed in a tomb;

The giant is defeated!
Four walked in the flame!
The lions mouths were shut!
Death itself you overcame!

I, oh God, not lightly
Seek to truly say ‘send me’.
For I give my life to nothing,
Or I give it Lord to thee!


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