Some poems don’t need much introduction. I hope anyone reading this is encouraged!

‘Where are you?’ I cried, my eyes tightly closed,
Your face I can’t seem to find.
He answered, ‘Dear one, it’s not I that let go
But you chose to tarry behind’

‘Don’t leave me!’ I bitterly wept,
As I stubbornly lay down to sleep.
Again he replied, ‘It’s not I who left
But you who ran from my keep.’

The water arose I called out to him ‘Sir!
Save me! I’m your child! I shall drown!’
‘Yes you are my dear one, but you will not stir’
His voice faded as dark depths rose around.

I lay down once more, in my despair
So weakened by all worldly worry.
My cry to him was ‘This is unfair!’
He urgently answered ‘Child hurry!’

The depths overcame. I was choking on sludge.
My feet struggled to find solid ground.
My eyes could not see through the thick mud;
I felt my limbs, by creeping things, bound.

The more that I struggled, the harder they held,
Their grip now tearing my skin!
I cried, and I screamed, I kicked, and I yelled!
But only got sucked further in!

I looked up through the darkness, that consumed.
A hand struck down in the depth.
A glimmer of hope shone through the gloom!
And hope arose in my breast!

I know not how, surly not on my own!
Did I reach forth to grab that blessed hand.
And as I did, the snares began to let go;
My feet finding firm rock, not mere sand!

I stood high upon the solid stone.
I began again to find pure, deep, breath!
I did not stand there all alone.
I held the hand that pulled me from the depth.

I looked to my saviour and asked of him:
‘Why did you come for me once more?
Why did you free me, a wretch, from my sin?
Why save me again as before?’

He look in my eyes, streaming with tears.
He looked into my very soul.
He held me close, whispered in my ear
‘My lamb, you are part of my fold…

All is forgiven, forgot, and cast aside.
Follow me closely once more.
Remain in me, in me abide
Not to sink, but beneath me soar!’


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