Brushing against eternity

Have you ever been in prayer and stumbled upon a petition to God the you just knew was aligned with his perfect will. What a moment to exist within! Your skin tingles as though your very soul longs to escape and fly forth! What overwhelming humility! In which the words of the prophet Isaiah, crying out “I AM A MAN OF UNCLEAN LIPS!!” Suddenly more clearly resonates with in us. To realize that you are a cog, a soldier even! Working and fighting in the invisible war waging around us; of which you have been made, and counted worthy to catch a glimpse! Moreover to feel the unbelievable, indescribable, overwhelming sense of awe and wonder; at which you cry out “MY GOD!” Not in vanity but in purity. And you know that if you were not so firmly planted by the Holy Spirit inside you. You should want to run away, and speak no more. Confronted by your own insignificance, at the lightest touch, of the edge of your soul, brushing against the vastness of eternity!


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