The Real Battle

The inspiration for this poem, came from the joy, and privilege I have to be a part of a prayer ministry. Once a week, myself and, some of the most beautiful encouraging souls you could ever meet; gather together and battle for our church and our town. We pray. Of course, prayer by ones self, before the God of the universe is powerful beyond our comprehension. Yet there is something so wonderful in the gathering together of the saints. I encourage everyone to seek out or start a prayer group, and stand back and awe at what God does, in your heart, and the world around you!

The warriors came together
They faced their enemy.
He commanded multitudes,
But still they did not flee.

Our heroes I’ll admit
Did little look the part;
Not grand or brawny,
But mighty was their heart!

The had no great stature,
A rather hopeless lot.
One would pass them by
Without a second thought.

And yet the enemy trembled
As they gathered in the room.
For often he had faced them.
Often caused his ruin.

They were armed not
With weapon formed by man.
They did not stand ready,
They bowed and folded hands.

The enemy hissed and sneered,
Attacked with all his cunning
On the rock they planted!
Not retreating, and not running!

If you could only see the battle!
See them on the front lines!
You would see as they prayed,
Chariots of fire amassed behind!

The power that they wielded,
Or they were wielded by.
Was the great and Holy victor!
They sang his battle cry!

They are not mere women
When praying in one accord.
Great are humble warriors
In the army of the Lord!


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