To the Men


To the men!

Who do not accept,
The fate the world would lay
On their shoulders
Who when the world claims for them,
A life enslaved they refuse
To be crushed by that boulder!

To the men!

Surrounded by
A rising flood of temptation
To their basest thoughts.
Who refuse to fall in, be swept away,
Who climb higher
So they are not caught!

To the men! The good men.

Who don’t blame their sin
On a woman’s bra strap
Or her hips!
Who don’t justify their stumble
Who repent of their folly,
Do not shift the guilt of their slips!

To the men! The strongest of men!

Who will respect to women.
Even those who have
Lost respect for themselves.
Who see women as humans,
Made and cherished by God,
Not objects on a screen, or a shelf.

To the men! Not pretenders!

The ones once captive.
Who with horror
Saw their hands soaked in blood!
Who awoke to the truth,
When it spoke to their hearts;
Refused another dose of the drug!

To the men! To the Fathers.

Who are not so caught up
In hiding a covetous,
Secret double life;
Who don’t dwell in the darkness
But in humility,
Stand and reflect the light!

To the men! Awesome men!

Thank you you men,
On behalf of all women
So longing to see!
To see mighty men
Standing up in a crowd.
Standing tall upon bended knee!

To the Men! You dear men!

Thank you for resisting,
And moreover defeating,
Expectations set on you gender!
Thank you for the hope!
From your sisters, and mothers,
And daughters, so precious and tender!


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