Fragile Dreams

Dreams are dangerous things to chase after. For the shards that are left when they shatter, will cut deep into your very soul.

The dream it sat upon the shelf
A shiny, wondrous thing.
I looked at it by myself;
Hope in my heart would sing!
By the hour it held my gaze,
Though I daren’t touch.
Lovely would it make my days,
To watch it oft and much.
Then one day while looking at
My lovely, cherished dream.
It seemed upon the shelf it sat,
The orb to brighter gleam.
I know not how, or why,
I dared stretch forth and stand.
But I did, in wildness try
To hold it in my hand.
I held it but a moment clasped,
That bright and beaming ball;
Before it slipped from my grasp,
And shattered from the fall!
A million tiny little shards,
Pierced my soul it seems.
This lesson is my reward:
It hurts to chase our dreams!
Yet I still remember,
The instant it was mine.
It burns now as an ember
In to corners of my mind.
My soul is now less raw.
I’m again my hopeful self.
Just the other day I saw
My pretty dream upon the shelf.


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