Truth can be sharp, truth it can sting.
Lies can be soft, and inviting things.
Truth it can be hard, very hard on a soul;
Lies can flow easy, and warmly enfold.
Upon the rock of truth dreams can be broken!
Lies seem to inspire, when they are well spoken.
Truth is medicine we don’t wish to take.
Lies go down easy, and are simple to make.
Truth when released will at times cause strife.
Lies when poured fourth, offer easy hollow life.

Truth it will free will release from a trap.
Lies gently hold, but maintain a firm grasp.
Truth will equip us to make ourselves better.
Lies make weak, pull us down with their fetters.
Truth is a lifeline to which we must hold!
Lies they entangle their threads plentiful!
Truth will grant wisdom and other fine jewels.
Lies will stroke ego, and make proud a fool.
Truth is worth seeking, and awesome to find.
Lies are in plenty, and a dozen a dime.

Truth often humbles, which is often hard.
Lies offer much, but pain’s their reward.
When deeper the darkness, and harder the climb;
Truth must be held higher for the lost to find!
While we may live where truth is spit on;
We offer back its haters it’s strong loving song!
Don’t mistake truth as, what we please and choose;
It’s real, and eternal, ours to accept or refuse!
Truth won’t  be bent to fit with our desire.
It’s live, and unchanging! A consuming fire!


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