Destructive Distraction

Oh cell phone you awful tool!
Distract me agitate!
Pavlov had naught on you;
Ding and I salivate!

Your siren call sings to me,
I waste my life to seek:
A like, a love, a laugh, a share,
Or even a retweet!

A text! My hope arises
To be shattered on the floor!
It’s no real connection,
Information nothing more.

Addiction by definition:
Is what we can’t let go.
An unhealthy consumption;
A monster we let grow!

Upon my soul I crave you!
And resent you and your grip!
I know I must resist you;
Or further in you slip.

Lord I cry out to you:
Show me how to only use,
This tool as for your glory;
Then be by it abused!

Surrender I now to you
The chains that I hold dear;
Let me rather now abhor,
What keeps me from YOU near!

I do not seek the common lot,
Only uncommon will do!
The world may chase a device;
I instead chase after you!

As I search for you Lord,
I do not waste my time.
For those that seek you God,
Are sure of you to find!

Joy and, peace and, gentleness;
Kindness, patience, meek and, mild;
Self control, sorely needed,
And love so great and wild!!!


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