Hope for Our Youth.

I wrote this after talking to a dear young lady who is currently in high school. After listening to the struggles she faces, and the hopelessness which seems to cover the youth of our town I almost felt drawn to despair. I fear this type of desolation is not only isolated to our community, but stretches across our nations and schools. Still my hope arises! For, how much brighter shines the light in such darkness! How much more visible the truth must be through all the blatant lies of the enemy! How much more ready could a harvest of desperate souls, clinging to any sort of false hope be! Let not the workers be few! And dear church! Let us not look down on anyone because of their youth. Let us no longer accept for our youth, in church,the burden of rebellion, and immorality, that the world would have them bare. Instead, let us in faith, equip and minister to them, and encourage them in the royal priesthood which they are called to, and established in. Our expectation must not be that our youth would fail and falter, though of course if they do, there is Devine grace and forgiveness. Rather let us expect that their desire would be for God, and that they would soar beneath his wings as more then conquerors. As those not overcome by the world, but as those who would overcome the world by the blood of Christ! And youth! Dear, beloved, chosen youth of Christ Jesus. Stand firm. Stand fast. Read your Bible. Pray. And may the things that you do echo through eternity! May your lips be anointed for his purpose. May you have eyes to see and witness the blessed redemption of your generation! May your faith surpass that of my generation! May you rise!

In the darkness deep,
The apathetic sleep.
Unaware of what they miss,
Not caring to resist.
Seeking yet another does
The weak and hollow ghost.
The drug they consume consumes;
Their life is left in ruins.
They do not seek escape,
Imprisoned they feel safe.
Unaware they’re all enslaved
In digging their own graves.


Through the dawn is breaking,
Light so bright, so breathtaking!
Ripping apart their notions
Of simply going through the motions.
Showing them so much more,
Then the walking death before!
Echoing through the valley pained;
Dead embers now enflamed!
A rising generation turns their face,
To the one enthroned who offers grace!!!


2 thoughts on “Hope for Our Youth.

    1. Yes! That’s cool, cause right around the time I wrote this poem,and was talking to this young girl I was studying that part of Daniel! Still in it, in the prophecy part. Being so blessed by that book, and Beth Moores teaching on it!

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