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I saw this word, ‘repurpose’ and thought of all the things I have repurposed in my life. There’s been a lot. when you have five children, a small home and a humble income, you learn that in fact: yes, necessity is the mother of invention. But it’s not the dresser I repurposed as a TV stand, or the old bed board and knobs, that got upcycled into a place to hang plants. It’s not the coffee cup display that was created from repurposed cabinet doors. These are not the most important, or best repurposes I have experienced.


Those are just things. The biggest and best repurposes happened in myself. The the body, once so firm and young and beautiful, repurposed for more then just getting me from point A to point B. Was changed into a sanctuary, to nurture and bare wonderful life. My tummy repurposed from something hard and flat, to something soft and squishy for little feet to bounce on, and tender blessed heads to rest when weary or broken hearted.

The little girl broken, broken in ways many don’t, and never will understand. The little girl who felt unwanted. The little girl repurposed as something cherished loved and Royal.

A soul imprisoned, chained. Bound to slavery of with self loathing hatred selfishness, jealousy, rage, and bitterness towards others. Transformed into one who truly knows the redeeming love of the King and creator of all. One free to serve with Joy and peace the Saviour of this world. Free to love with purity. Free to stumble, and be forgiven.

And finally the biggest repurpose to affect my life, was not of my doing at all. It was the man, the God, the lamb, the Christ. Coming down and repurposing the device that was for torture, the instrument that caused the stoutest of hearts to tremble. The cross. He came down hung upon it, rose again three days later, and made the cross a symbol of redemption, of hope. A symbol of the powerful love which overcomes, not by force of strength, but force of humility!

That what I thought when I saw the word repurpose today.



2 thoughts on “Repurposed

  1. Thank you for commenting. I saw your blog. I am so encouraged by the journey you are taking. ‘Hope’ has been a word ringing in my mind for 2017, and I saw a lot of hope in your writing and heart as well. Blessings sister, I look forward to glimpsing more of your beautiful soul as you pour it out in your blog:)


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