A Moment. A breath. A poem.

Last few nights, and days at our house have been rough. The flu is making the rounds. Which makes for a lot of momma heartache, a lot of laundry, and not a lot of rest. Yet still today, I was able to enjoy a moment, and even have time to write it out. I hope it blesses you with a little sliver of peace, even as it did for me.


Holding on this moment,
Merely existing in the sun.
The worries fade away,
To the stillness I now run!

I melt into this instance;
This briefest breath of time.
I place it with great care
In a peaceful corner of my mind.

When I walked past my window,
Where sun brightly streamed.
She gently kissed my cheek;
And said ‘hello again’ to me.

She caught me unawares
Her friendly salutation.
I looked then to the view,
To heed her invitation.

The snow lay thick around,
Where shadow and light play.
The trees danced bare and naked
Winds song to which they sway.

Beyond all this the river,
Stood a solid icy guard.
A monument to winter,
His harsh beauty my reward!

Thank you gentle sunshine,
And winter how you bless.
For this brief, and happy minute,
That I now in my heart possess!


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