Frozen living water

I wrote this as I stood outside gazing at the now frozen river I am so happily able to view just behind our home. I hope not to condemn others, the Church is the bride of Christ. As such I do not lightly criticize her, or her people.

Truth be told, around the world there is astounding movement in the church, and even in North America I see bursting forth many who burn hotly for Christ. I just still, with hope in my heart, await the coming melt, of the great rushing living river of the North American chruch as a whole. As I write this I am aware of my own need to surrender myself more and more to what the Holy Spirit would lead me towards. So with all the humility I can muster, here is my poem.

I stood on the bank of the river,
Frozen in her stride
A vision of the church,
Imposed upon my mind.

A great and mighty river
Flows under what’s now frozen;
The Holy Spirit moving
Under the unmoving chosen.

Waiting for the breath of spring
To flow and move our hearts,
And melt what now is bound
The ice to break apart.

That no longer would we seem
As what is hard and cold, unfeeling;
But as living rushing water
Anointed, holy, full of healing.

That those not in the church,
Would from the bank look on,
Would see such loving wonder,
They’d dive into the Holy throng.


4 thoughts on “Frozen living water

  1. I praise the Lord for your visiting my blog, so that I could find yours. My poems are rare and sporadic, coming only as the Lord writes them on my heart. But, like His working in you, all that I have written for twenty-five years and continue to write, is written on my heart by Him to share with His family. I, like you, pray to see our great and mighty God and Father “rend the heavens and come down” to reveal His power and goodness through His church. Perhaps with the chaos and unrest, He is bringing us to a place where He plans to work in and through us in a way that we have not seen before; this is our prayer. I look forward to your posts and what the Lord has given you for the Kingdom. Have a blessed week-end. ~ Fran

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    1. Thank you! It has been such a joy to meet kindred spirits through blogging who, like myself, just want to offer what they can to the throne of our creator. And who want to encourage fellow Christians to do the same Blessings my sister. And thank you for your blog as well:)

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