A Poem of Stephen

The idea for this poem came to me earlier this week, I simply wrote in my notebook ‘poem of Stephen’ today I finally put it down in writing.

It is hard to retell what is in scripture. I tried my best to remain accurate to the Holy text of God. May this poem bless you by giving you a fresh perspective of Stephens death, even as it did for me as I wrote it. Blessings:)

The Lord in all his wonder,
Chose me to serve his throne.
I was greatly humbled to witness
The harvest he had sown!

Upon my lips his words spoke,
Smote demons, healed the dying.
Gave his light and saving love,
For which the world was crying!

What joy to see the early church!
So growing, thriving, strong.
Singing songs unto the saviour,
Preaching, praying all night long!

To come before Holy God, Creator,
Cleansed by his sinless, Perfect Son!
Was beyond our deepest wonder,
Nothing we could have ever done!

The day I step beyond the vail,
They lay false claims on me.
They did so with my Saviour.
I am in good company.

I may tremble as I speak:
Speech true, comes none the less.
To hold such a captive audience.
I speak hope, and life with every breath.

They reject and hate the truth,
As their fathers did before.
They drive me from the temple.
They can bare to hear no more.

I look up to the heavens,
See Jesus by his fathers side!
I speak the sight in ecstasy!
The stones in their hands begin to fly.

My blood spills on the earth…
‘Oh Lord Jesus receive my soul!’
Now upon my knees I plead
‘Against them their sin do not hold!’

Stephens plea and prayer echoed,
The Holy Spirit gave it flight.
Into the hearts of many, and Saul,
Who thought his murder right.


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