Battles We Watch.


Sometimes we are called to step out on the battle field God has called us to alone with him, and the enemy we must face. And sometimes we are called to support in prayer the one facing the giant. I’ve been both, and this poem came out of times when I was not able to do anything but weep, watch and pray on the sidelines for brothers and sisters in Christ and for my own children as well. Most mothers can attest to the pain of not intervening, not taking over, not snatching back our children. Trusting God with their care. Of choosing to stand back and uplift our babies in prayer. Thankfully we also often experience the joy of seeing our children draw nearer to God through their difficulties, and stumbling. We get to witness their awareness of their need to rely upon God. This is a beautiful thing:)

Upon the open battle ground,
The giant looms ahead.
A frightening, towering figure,
That fills her heart with dread.

His mocking laugh it echoes.
She feels it pelt her soul.
He’s wounded her before,
She remembers well his blows.

Battered yet not beaten,
Many cheer her on.
They cannot fight her fight,
But pray God would make her strong!

From the side they long to intervene,
To save her from the pain.
But the battle is Gods to give,
The strength is hers to gain.

Battle weary she steps on the field,
To face the massive foe.
They watch and weep and pray,
Trusting the God who knows.

Swinging the sling round and round,
Trusting not in her own might.
In faith she then releases,
Relying on God to win the fight.

Upon faith the stone becomes
The very breath of Christ.
It smites the arrogant enemy.
It bares God’s glorious light.

Long though the battle seemed
To rage upon her mind.
But all that once was stolen
Will be redeemed in time.

Not only is the foe struck down,
But all the ground he’d taken
Is redeemed and transformed;
Speaking life to the lost and forsaken.

She now stands strong imprinted
Deeper with God’s anointing.
Glory all to God be given!
She heeded his appointing!


4 thoughts on “Battles We Watch.

  1. This poem speaks to me. I am truly grateful for your gift. I am viewing this poem from the perspective of a believer who God has called to sit back and watch Him war on her behalf, as well as a woman of God called to war. I too have been both the encourager to the warrior and the wounded warrior. Additionally, I have had to earnestly pray when God would not allow me to intervene on my son’s behalf or another family member. I’ve never been able to view poetry from so many angles. This is truly a work of art! Be blessed sis!

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