Remaining in Gods Word

Said my Father to my heart,
Spoke my Father to my mind.
As I studied at his word,
In it, trusting him to find.

‘I made you in my image,
Seek more to look like me.
Seek not to make me lower,
To make me look like thee.

I am. Holy Holy Holy.
I made a way for you to find:
A path before my beauty.
A straight and narrow line.

The world may all go one way;
You are chosen for another.
A beacon in the darkness;
Not a fire that’s been smothered.

Trust not all of your knowledge-
Your wisdom found in me-
Completely to another;
Seek closer my words lead.

Many things of this world seem lovely.
They sound nice, they sounds true.
They may lead to easy answers,
To a ‘god’ that looks like you.”

I replied. “Make my desire
Found in you oh God alone.
May I know your voice so well,
I mistake it for none, even my own


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