Let Me Introduce Myself.

I was asked to write a short bio of myself by a friend. Pretty sure this is not what they had in mind. But it’s what came out:

Let me introduce myself:

I’m a mom,
but that’s not who I am,
I’m a woman,
A wife a daughter a friend.

I am a wisp, a vapour,
A blink of an instant in time.
I am a drifter and flaky,
Sometimes I don’t know my own mind.

I am a child of the moment,
A silly and ridiculous thing.
I am a tone deaf creature,
Who loves to loudly sing.

All of these thing I am;
But this is not what I be.
I am a servant of Christ;
A captive who by him was set free.

I am a mother who strives to give,
My children and friends to God’s care,
Afraid but trusting in trials,
That God is already there.

A child of the King of forever,
A branch of a beautiful tree.
I am a wisp and a vapour,
Being written in eternity.

I don’t know my own mind at all,
I seek to follow his ways.
I fail and I am forgiven,
A stumbler most of my days.

A girl who can laugh at her folly,
I seek to become further wise.
This journey is great and vast,
I’ll be on it till the day I die.


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