Unwanted Thoughts

Unwanted thoughts. They seep in when you least expect it. Whether it be of carnal temptation, or visions of self glorification. As a woman, it’s often is not physical thoughts of lust which seek to take hold in my mind. Rather, deep intimate conversations which play as a well scripted movie in my mind and I am always the central character. Or perhaps it’s even thoughts of adoration and glory from others for myself, that should ultimately be laid upon God.

The struggle is real, yet so is my God! So are the words of my Saviour! So is the councillor and indweller of my soul the Holy Spirit! The battle may wage for my mind, but I pray that every poke and prod of the enemy would be met with great resistance, and that unwanted unholy thoughts would be banished. Finally, when I do fail, as I do, as we all do, that repentance would be authentic and swift!

Get out of my head you devil!
You vile unwanted thought!
You keep trying to seep in,
Your desire by me to be caught.

You wish me to dwell on your poison.
To get caught up in lust of false dreams.
To waste away all my hours
Bring filth to what Christ has made clean!

How dare you, you whispering leech!
You masked, ugly, detestable thing!
Am I to believe you are harmless?
When it’s only destruction you bring!

I strike at you now with Christ’s word!
‘Get behind me Satan!’ I say.
You wish to breed in the darkness of night;
But I bare the light, as a child of the day!

Lord, I ask your wisdom and strength!
To take captive thoughts of my mind.
Let me dwell on the pure and the Holy!
Your words of truth on my heart I bind!


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