Miles, not Inches

When I was a child I watched the Olympics. There was diving competitions, the divers would do all sorts of aerial acrobatics and then slip gracefully into the water. There were also gymnast’s performing great physical feats that looked effortless in their grace. Having watched these events and having a childlike confidence in my own ability led to the following moment: I stood on the edge of my fathers desk, in our basement, (our thinly carpeted basement). I repeated to myself, ‘I believe! I believe’ I imagined myself flipping effortlessly through the air, and landing gracefully on my feet. I had not done a trial run. I had in no way practiced, I just thought if I believed in myself enough, I would succeed.

I leaped!

Th next think I remember is waking up on our basement couch, my mom and dad staring at me in dismay and concern. I had landed on my head, and was lucky to only have a great big lump. Possibly a concussion, but my parents never took me into the hospital. It was the 80’s I was their fourth child, they figured I would be fine. Also how do you explain those circumstances to a doctor?

why do I share this story? While, obviously, I am glad to have in many ways outgrown my childlike foolishness. I do envy the faith I had as a child. I didn’t  fear, I just kinda did stuff. Oh, if only as an adult I could stand on the edge of the trials and precipices of my life and instead of saying ‘I don’t believe in myself’ as I often do. I say in childlike confidence not that ‘I believe in myself’ but that ‘I believe in You God!’ IMG_0860



Lord take me out of my comfort zone;
To where You receive glory alone.
Beyond what I can do on my own!
To the foot of Your Cross and Your throne!

May my faith not lay in my hands;
In the achievements of what I would plan.
Let me not build up castles of sand;
Through my frailty do what only You can!

You are the God who takes the ‘least of these’
The humble upon bended knee;
In their weakness display Your great deeds!
A willing heart is all that you need!

Alone we can achieve a few worldly wins;
Self assurance our prideful limiting sin.
You call us not to merely sink or to swim;
But walk on water! Our eyes fixed on Him!

Lord grant me again the faith of a child!
Expectations not of inches but miles!
Let me cling to You confidently in every trial!
May I witness Your glory, so great and so wild!


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